Image of Faithful

“There’s some of us that have just been searching, been wandering in need of a touch. This life is hard. Even with Jesus it can be. The things we deal with on our jobs and in our homes. But God is here and he says that all ye that are heavy laden, COME TO ME AND I’LL GIVE YOU REST. And if you call to him he will answer. He wants to hear from you. It’s been weeks, days since some of us have said thank you Lord. For your goodness and love. This conversation is with him. No one will judge you for no one can. It’s you and him. One person audience. You said I can pass my weary and fear into you and you’ll be there for me. So come God. I’m calling you.”
This is more than a painting. More of a declaration that we’re calling onto God for direction. That we’re grateful, extremely for all he’s done. Can’t you see what God has done? He’s been faithful in everything this we call into him.
“When things go wrong, and you got nobody else to call, you call on GOD he’s..