Image of Amen

“Whatever your situation is, whatever your past or your upbringing is, it doesn’t matter. Our God is here to make us new and cleanse us white as snow. He’s a loving God. He’s a faithful God. He’s an all knowing God that can handle anything that you’re going through. And so in this we give him our total praise. A lot of things we see and hear may scare us. And we no longer want to take the journey, but that’s exactly what faith is. Faith is you not being able to see your way, but you walk in trusting him. And that’s a daily choice. It’s not magic, it just won’t happen, you have to make the choice to believe. You have to decide within yourself, I want to trust God today. I’m gonna give it all to him. I’m gonna give him my total praise. For all the things he’s done for me. And in this we want to say Lord God we give our total praise to you. We lift up our eyes to the hills from which cometh our help. We know that all our help cometh from the Lord. The creator. And we give him all our glory and praise. And for this we say..”